This is a private site that I wrote especially for my children Thomas H. (born 2003) and Katie A. (born 2006).

Inside are lots of stories, photos and videos that I’ve put together so that they have readily accessible information about me and their family. There are also various interactive methods of contacting me or asking me for help, as well as a family forum.

In compliance with a Court Order, those parts of the site which contain personal information about Thomas and Katie are password-protected, so if you would like to view the restricted content please contact me for a password.  These pages are marked with an asterisk (*).

Please proceed to the Introduction Page where you will be prompted for your password>>>>

You only need enter a password once per session as long as you have cookies enabled on your computer.

Martin John Wainwright

Tel (UK): 0800 612 9125

International: +44 114 251 4880

Mobile: 07583 430449


Postal address: c/o Unit 8, Meadowbrook Park, Halfway. Sheffield S20 3PJ, United Kingdom.

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