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Late thirties divorced businessman with an extreme devotion to his two children, despite being denied the right to see them or talk to them at this time; this with the ‘assistance’ and ‘support’ of the UK Court system.

Interests: Powerful motorbikes, bel canto opera, romantic poetry, mediterranean cooking, beautiful engineering, Italian culture and cinema, economics, social history (in particular c.19th history), Big Mac sauce.

Loves: Giuseppe di Stefano (for the voice); Tony Benn (for the principles, not the politics); Roy Bailey; Ted Hughes, for his incredible language; Zoe Williams, for hers; AA Gill, for attention to detail in his writing; Sylvia Plath, just for The Bell Jar and nothing to do with her poetry (which is rubbish); Francesco Maria Piave, for genius far superior to his more succesful partner, G.Verdi; Nanni Moretti, for his all his films except Il caimano; Jasmine Trinca, for all her films except Il caimano; Gaetano Donizetti, Ettore Bastianini and Anna Netrebko for reasons too complicated to go into here.

Hates: Most mainstream British TV programmes, especially X Factor et al; rap music, hip-hop etc; Paul Potts … let’s not even start; Il Caimano, watch it and you’ll know why; celebrity culture, especially when connected with football or those of an orange disposition; sandwiches where the filling overlaps the bread.

Favourite films: La Stanza del Figlio, 2001; and Romanzo Criminale, 2005. Both predictably Italian, I know.

Favourite book:  Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes, for many reasons but especially for The Pink Wool Knitted Dress.

Favourite songs: Mi Par D’udir Ancora, from I Pescatori di Perle by Bizet, but only when sung by Di Stefano or Alain Vanzo.

Languages I’ve tried to learn (marks out of ten for competence): English (debatable), Spanish (9), French (9), Italian (5), Catalan (3), Neapolitan (the most illogical language ever invented) (0.1).

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2 Responses to About Martin

  1. Jane Jackson says:

    Hi Martin,
    I spoke to your mum this morning and she told me about you website.
    It is a wonderful tribute to you your family and your beautiful children.
    I know that when they are able it will be a great source of comfort for them and utter proof of your love and shows that you think about them everyday and you never stopped trying to reach them.

  2. Daddy says:

    Hi Jane,

    Thank you very much for your kind comments on this website last week.

    I can tell you that when my Mum was telling me about your situation she was in tears for you and the removal of your granddaughter from yours and your son’s lives. Very few people can truly understand the intense pain of this kind of perpetual ‘living bereavement.’

    I know my Mum is an avid follower of your support group Bristol Grandparents’ Support; we both offer our support and wish you every success in your fight to change the very unfair family dispute procedures in this country and elsewhere.

    With best wishes and thanks again for commenting,

    Martin Wainwright.

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