Yesterday went “swimmingly”!


Dear Thomas and Katie,

Yesterday (Sunday) was a very wet, rainy day in Sheffield, so your Grandad and I decided to take Anais and Harvey swimming to the Doncaster Dome:

The Doncaster Dome is a large water park with swimming pools, slides, jacuzzis, waterfalls, waves and lots of other fun things to do for children.  You can even swim outdoors … Brrrrr!  I took you both there once when you were little, and you had a great time then as well.

Anais is a really good swimmer!  She can kick strongly with her legs and move her arms at the same time!  She was always saying to me, “I want to swim on my own!” (I was nearby in case she got into trouble, but she wanted to be off exploring!)  

She went on this waterslide with me three times!  On the third go, with her sitting on my knee, we went really fast and both got a really good dunking.  You used to love this slide too!  In fact, Thomas, you and I went on a really big, fast slide together at Doncaster that made a huge splash on the bottom … I couldn’t persuade Harvey and Anais to go on that one but they watched as Grandad went down it. 


 Harvey has trouble with his ears so doesn’t like too much splashing, but towards the end he was kicking well and travelling across the pool too.  A man blew his whistle at us to tell me off for lifting him over an area where we shouldn’t have been – oops! 

We played a game of ‘sharks’ where Harvey and Anais swam several feet away from me and I dived down underwater and tickled their feet- they liked that!

Afterwards we all had a nice snack in the cafe; as Harvey ate his fish fingers Anais told us about how Oliver at school pulls her hair.  Then we all went back to Nana’s where she’d made a lovely home-made chicken pie and raspberry crumble for us all.  Yum!

How’s your swimming coming along, Thomas and Katie?  I’m sure you’re both excellent swimmers.  I look forward to you showing me what you can do!

Lots of love - look after each other!


[P.S.  The photos in this story are from the Doncaster Dome brochure because you're not allowed to take pictures at the pool - Daddy]

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5 Responses to Yesterday went “swimmingly”!

  1. Harvey and Anais says:

    We loved going swimming with you Uncle Martin, we can’t wait to go again!!!
    Love Harvey and Anais x

  2. Martin Wainwright says:

    You’re welcome H, and a big ‘Well Done’ for going over that slide (what a shame the man with the whistle spoiled our fun!)

  3. Nana says:

    Dear Thomas and Katie,

    When Daddy and the others got back from swimming, I was in the kitchen with your little cousin Ruben, aged two. We were making pudding with “quack-quack yum-yum” – Ruben’s special word for Bird’s custard!

    I remember so well the swimming lessons I used to take you to in Worksop. The lady there, Sue, was an excellent teacher who really made it fun. We had lots of songs and games, but your favourite , Thomas, was “The Pirate”. You had to stand on the side of the pool waving an imaginary sword then jump in making a big splash as I stood in the water ready to catch you!

    On Mondays I would come to your house to look after you both for the day. Once you were able to go in the pool by yourself, Katie and I used to watch you from the viewing gallery. The problem was to get there we had to go up lots of steps, down a very long corridor and down more steps. Katie, you were a very heavy girl for poor old Nana to carry – a bit like Auntie Debbie at your age, who someone once described as “an Oxo cube on legs”! Anyway, we both loved to watch you swimming and would clap and cheer when you did something really well.

    I do hope there are some nice places to swim where you are!

    Love, Nana

  4. Hollie says:

    Wow ! My mummys taking me there in a couple of weeks and im really excited, the last time i went i was little and i couldnt swim, thats why i didnt like it and somebody pushed me down the slide! but now im an excellent swimmer and im gonna go on all the slides! Harvey and Anais : whats the darkest and fastest slide? thank you :)

  5. Daddy says:

    Dear Hollie,

    Harvey and Anais hope you had a lovely time at the Dome with your Mummy. They think the dragon slide is the most dark and scary; at least it looked like it would be because they were too scared to actually try it! They can both swim really well now however.

    Thank you for commenting and the very best of luck with your swimming!

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