Happy Birthday Ruben!!

Dear Thomas and Katie,

Ruben’s 3rd birthday was on Monday, which was a Bank Holiday in England.

As it was a lovely warm sunny day, we went to a wood for a teddy bears’ picnic and a barbeque.  Uncle Neil made chicken wings and sausages on his portable charcoal burner while Anais and Harvey were naughty! Not really; they were just being playful and jumping on me, but for their cheekiness they were sentenced to a spell on the Naughty Island. 

The Naughty Island was a rock in the middle of the river that I could wade through and put the children on, but they could not get back to the bank on their own!  Peace and quiet at last!  A quick spell of two minutes on there and they were soon saying Sorry with a smile and surrendering to me!  I win!!

Ruben had brought his red toy motorbike and raced around on that most of the time … even in the stream!

After a while, Daddy decided it was time for a pint (Daddy likes a pint) and we went on to a pub in Baslow with a children’s play area outside where we played hide and seek.  Uncle Neil (likes a pint also) got the drinks in, and what with it being a hot day the children sank theirs in record time.

Back at Auntie Debbie’s house Nana had made a marzipan bear cake, and I played football and had a water-pistol fight with the children.

I do not have any photos of Monday so perhaps someone could put some up?

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  1. Nana says:

    Dear Thomas and Katie,
    We all had a lovely time celebrating Ruben’s birthday. The day before the picnic we went to “Sundown”, although your Daddy felt that he couldn’t come with us this time as the last visit there was, sadly, the very last time we all went out as a family. However, we managed to really enjoy it, me getting completely drenched on the pirate boat ride as usual! It was a very sunny day and your Grandad had left his hat in the car, so he decided to go and get it. Forty five minutes later and still no sign of Grandad! What had happened to him? I went up to a member of staff who commented “Blimey, we usually lose kids not Grandads!” and was about to put out a description of him when Uncle Neil ran up saying he had found him wandering about completely lost, having returned to the wrong play area. Phew! panic over!

    The next day was, as your Daddy has written, the picnic by a stream near to a wood full of thousands of beautiful bluebells which smelt wonderful. Uncle Neil took lots of photographs which he is going to post. Then it was back for a slice of birthday cake in the shape of a teddy bear, which Ruben loved, although I had trouble with its head which was a bit top-heavy, so it had to be propped up with the help of “The Gruffalo” book.

    Lots of love from Nana

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