Happy Birthday Thomas!

Hello Thomas!!

All your family here in Britain- Nana, Grandad, Auntie Debbie, Uncle Neil, Harvey, Anais, Ruben, Auntie Christine … and many more… oh and me of course!!- would like to wish you a very happy birthday on your special day sometime this month. (I’m not allowed to say which day but we all know!)

Sitting at my desk on a September morning like this, with the car park bathed in Autumn sunshine, always reminds me of your very first birthday party at home, when it was also a warm and sunny September day. Mummy and Daddy invited lots of people and made a large Spanish-themed buffet for us all to eat in the garden. I’ve probably mentioned your first birthday party before but that’s because it holds lovely memories for me!

I have been very busy setting up my new business, Thomas Wainwright Engineering Ltd (more about that soon) so have not posted as much as I would have liked, but here are the photos from a special birthday party we had for you last weekend! Regrettably it was not particularly sunny on that occasion but I still made some Spanish-themed food in your honour!

Here is the menu (or “Menú”!) for the party:

The grilled oysters were fresh and filled with herbs and lemon but only me and Uncle Neil would eat them! Boo!!

Ruben was getting impatient for his lunch…

But I was going flat out and looking hot and bothered!

Eventually the main dish was ready:

Nana had made some special Thomas ‘T’ cakes…

…and a Fruit Monster!!  (erm… the Monster’s the green watermelon in the middle; there’re so many monsters in this photo I think that needed clarifying!)

Charlie came round, obviously hoping to pinch some sausages wanting to join in the children’s games in the garden.  Anais and Ruben were stroking him nicely and Anais said, ‘I love that dog! Can we have one Daddy?!’  ‘Nana and Grandad will buy one and you can go and visit it at their house,’ Uncle Neil said with a smile. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and reading about your birthday party and we all wish you a wonderful day!

Love Dad.

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