… Daddy used to make us all a special paella?

Dear Katie,

At home Mummy and I both used to love to cook.  To tease Mummy we always used to call anything I made ‘special’ – Daddy’s Special Chicken Risotto, Daddy’s Special Lemon Sole, Daddy’s Special Monkfish Wrapped in Bacon, Daddy’s Special Beans on Toast – that sort of thing.  

Mummy was a very good cook of course, but her meals were always called things like Mummy’s Stew or Mummy’s Meat Pie.  Just for fun, mind: she used to get cross and you and Thomas would chuckle!

Anyway, in the summer months my speciality was Daddy’s Special Paella.  I used to love to make this dish on the barbeque in the garden because it cooked more evenly than on the stove (that’s important in paella-making). 

You and Thomas sometimes helped me by ferrying the 542 ingredients back and forth from the kitchen, or by chopping some lemons up to put on top.  Sometimes I would let Thomas pour some chicken stock in and we would all watch it bubble.

Then … service!


This is one of my favourite dishes if made properly, and we all used to enjoy it.  Then, while the barbeque was still hot, and only if you were very lucky, I would make us all … Daddy’s Special Barbequed Bananas! 

Love, Daddy.

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