… we always used to be “sold short” when we bought cakes?

Dear Katie,

Before you could talk, you and I would sometimes go to do the family food shop at the weekend.

We bought bananas, nappies, baby milk, cheese, chicken, bread … and sometimes … cakes!  We used to choose a nice packet of 12 fresh madeleines; or six hot cross buns; or a dozen cupcakes.

Do you know, the strangest thing always used to happen!

By the time we had got in the car, driven home and unpacked the shopping, there would always be one cake missing!  “Oh no,” we’d say to Mummy, ”the shop only put 11 cakes in this packet, and there should be 12 … you’ll have to take them back and complain to the manager!”  You and I would look at Mummy in a state of pretend shock.   

She never did take them back though, and just rolled her eyes with a sigh.

Do you remember the real reason why there was always one cake missing, Katie?!

It was because  Daddy and Katie had shared it on the way home!! [put your mouse over the box]

Love, Daddy.

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One Response to … we always used to be “sold short” when we bought cakes?

  1. Nana says:

    Dear Katie,

    Yes, you really did have quite a thing about cake! Whenever you saw anything remotely resembling it up would go a podgy little finger with the shout “CAKE! -HAVE IT!”
    (No, Katie, not cake, that’s just Nana’s washing-up sponge!)

    Love, Nana

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