… we used to go to Sainsbury’s?


Dear Katie,

When you were a baby, your Mummy and I would often go to Sainsbury’s in Worksop to buy food and things for the house.

I would take a trolley and put a pound in the slot, Thomas would hold my hand; and you would sit in the trolley shelf smiling.

One day we were in Sainsbury’s buying some cheese when suddenly a lady next to us jumped about a mile in the air.  “I thought she was a doll!!,” she said to me, looking at you looking calm and smiley in your mesh seat.  You had suddenly pointed at something and startled her!

The lady had thought you were Thomas’ dolly!  What a lovely moment that was!!  You giggled at the lady and said ‘Hello!!’

Love, Daddy.

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  1. Nana says:

    Dear Katie (or Katykins as we sometimes called you!)

    The supermarket post reminded me of how much you look like your Daddy’s sister, Auntie Debbie – your only blood-related Auntie, when she was a baby.

    When your Daddy started school in Mallorca we used to take Debbie along to pick him up, and, as all the Spanish children had dark hair and eyes, with her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes she really stood out. She would be wearing pretty summer dresses with matching sun hats, which had been sent from England. The Spanish mummies always made quite a fuss of her, saying that she looked like a perfect little doll!

    Katie, we all think you are adorable too!

    Love, Nana

  2. Martin Wainwright says:

    Katie, you really did look just like a doll because you were a very easy, relaxed baby who was quite happy to just sit and watch- always with a smile on your face, though! Have a look at the second picture in the Gallery section (you in bed in a pink sleepsuit) and you might see what I mean. You were about that age when the story in Sainsbury’s happened … it was really funny, because the lady absolutely jumped out of her skin when you moved!

    In fact, you never really used to cry and I can hardly remember you ever being upset about anything, except one Friday night when you were extremely ill with bronchitis. Your Mummy and I stayed up half the night with you, until I said enough’s enough and we took you to hospital at 2am, hardly able to breathe. I’ve never been so frightened before or since. I might write about that night soon- I can remember everything about it!

    Love, Daddy.

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