… we visited a cave and you cried?


One day, you, me and Thomas decided to go and visit a cave near Matlock Bath.  Mummy didn’t come with us that day.

We had to go up in a cablecar to get to the cave.  On the way up, another cablecar came down past us, high up in the air, and you were delighted to see a little dog in it, wagging its tail!  We all waved at the dog, and its owner waved back!

When we got to top we saw the entrance to the cave.  A lady was going to take us through the cave on a guided tour… but, oh dear!… the cave was one way!  The lady said we would have to go all the way through if we went in, and couldn’t turn back.  I was worried that you’d be frightened so I asked her if it was scary, and she said it wasn’t too bad.     

We were in a group of about twenty people, and you and Thomas were the only children!  Thomas said, “let’s go in Daddy!” so we carefully followed the group from the bright sunshine into the black hole. 

There were some very steep, slippery steps that led down to the deep, dark underground cavern.  Thomas went down himself, holding my hand, while I had you in my arms because you were too small to walk down and I was worried you would fall.  We had to bend down several times where the ceiling was low!  “Mind your head Daddy, and mind Katie,” Thomas warned.

It was a hot day outside; but inside the cavern it was cool and damp.  Under the dim electric lighting, you could see the stalactites hanging from the rocky roof. 

You started to cry and suddenly clung to me very tightly.  A nice lady in the group helped me by taking Thomas’ hand so I could comfort you.  There was no way back though!

Then, as the lady guide was explaining to the group about the rocks, Thomas shouted loudly, “Daddy! I need a wee!!”  Everyone in the group laughed, but since the cavemen had forgotten to build any toilets, I asked Thomas to try and hold on a bit longer.

Eventually you stopped crying and started to enjoy the rock formations, pointing at the spikes and underground streams.

“But Daddy, I’m desperate,” Thomas said.

Luckily we came out into the bright sunshine again; you smiled and giggled at our adventure, and Thomas was able to go and find a toilet.

Then we all had ice-creams in the cafe and went for a play on the giant slide!

When we got back home, Mummy asked, “did you have a nice time?” and you said, in a serious voice, “I went in a cave with Daddy and I cried.”

So, that was the day we visited a cave and Katie cried!

Love, Daddy.

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