… your ‘pet’ blackbird used to come and visit?


When you were little, Mummy and Daddy used to have a glass table in the kitchen, where every day we would have our breakfast.  Thomas sat on a big chair facing the back garden, and you used to have a blue high-chair that faced the window at the side of our house.

This window had a view across the road next to the house and up over our garden wall to next door’s chimney.  Every morning, a single small blackbird would come and perch on the chimney and look down on you having your breakfast- we never knew whether it was always the same one, but it always seemed to arrive at the same time.

You used to be fascinated by this bird, and every morning when it arrived, you would stare at it with wide-eyed amazement, and would beam with pleasure.  It was as if it was coming especially to see you!

I remember that once the bird had arrived, we had trouble getting you to concentrate on your breakfast so we had to try and encourage you to eat it before it came!

Love, Daddy.

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