… Daddy made a stairgate?


[Do ask a grown-up if there are any words you don't understand in this story - Daddy]

At our house, we had a very wide staircase.  So wide, in fact, that none of our three shop-bought stairgates would reach across!

When Katie started crawling, your Mummy and I decided we had to do something about it because your little sister was cheeky and would often crawl off exploring.  So, I went to Wickes and bought some wooden battens, spindles, screws and hinges.  The next day, at work, I turned them into a made-to-measure slatted gate which was then painted gloss white to match the bannisters.  Finally, a brass lock was fitted to the top edge.

You and Katie were very naughty with the gate!  You used to ask Katie if she wanted to go upstairs, and go and unlock the gate on your tiptoes, encouraging her to follow you up (she didn’t need much encouragement!)  Mummy and Daddy had to watch you all the time since as soon as our backs were turned you’d both be off up the stairs.  You were good at climbing them, but your little sister might have fallen down and hurt herself!

And here she is, thinking that if she distracts Daddy with a car she could make a run for it, with the stairgate behind her!

Love, Daddy.

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