… Nana made you a birthday cake?

Dear Thomas,

Nana loves to make cakes and pastries, and often for your birthday she would make you a special cake. This is what she made you for your second birthday:

We had been delayed back from holiday in Spain that year, and I flew back home early because I had to work. As a surprise I decorated your room with bunting and banners for your return, and we had a party for you with this cake (your baby Katie wasn’t born yet).

He’s a dragon made from green marzipan, and I remember him sitting on our dining room table looking friendly. Yes, friendly: Nana had managed to make a dragon that wasn’t at all scary and you loved looking at him. (And eating him of course!)

For your fourth birthday she made this, a gap-toothed pirate:

Mummy and I were very busy moving house at the time, but we still made time to celebrate your birthday, like we always did for you and Katie!



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