… you learned to play ‘dominoses’?

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One Christmas, when you were quite small, Mummy and Daddy went out to the shops.  While we were out, Grandpa taught you to play an animal dominoes game that we had bought for you.  It had lions, monkeys, snakes and giraffes in it- a little like the ones in the photo above.

You soon became very good at this game, and could often win against me or your Grandpa by cleverly counting what cards were left and putting down the one you had so that we couldn’t go.  You couldn’t beat Mummy though- she used to cheat!  We must have played that game a thousand times that Christmas- again and again and again- and the first time your Grandad came you beat him because he hadn’t played before!  

“Daddy, please can we play dominoses,” you would ask as soon as I came home from work.  Then we’d have five or six games in a row…  sometimes you’d  get cross with Katie because she used to pick the cards up and re-arrange them when you weren’t looking!

So, that was the Christmas that we all learned to play ‘dominoses’!

P.S. it isn’t really called ‘dominoses,’ but that’s what you always called it.  The correct word is ‘dominoes.’  Daddy.

Update May 2012: I found a video of us playing this game! You can see it here!

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