… we found a messossin-machine in the woods?

Dear Thomas,

One day we decided to go for a walk.  We set off, out of our back garden gate, up the track across the farmer’s field, and towards the woods.

Once out of the sunshine and into the shady woods, you suddenly got very excited.

“LOOK!  A messossin-machine!!” you exclaimed.

Your Mummy and I looked around but didn’t know what you were trying to tell us.  “Pardon Thomas?,” I said.

“A MESSOSSIN-MACHINE!!!,”  you repeated, in a state of heightening excitement, and pointed to an overgrown area in the woods, just off the path.

Then we saw what you meant: there in the bracken was an old washing machine that someone had thrown away.

“Well done Thomas,”  I said, “you spotted a washing machine.”

“Yes,” you said proudly, “a messossin-machine!”

On the way back we dug up some stray potatoes that had grown at the edge of a field, washed them and made a salad.  While we were eating our fresh potato salad you were still saying excitedly, “Daddy, we saw a messossin-machine in the woods!” 

“Yes, we did,”  your Mummy and I smiled.  “Now eat your lunch please!”


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3 Responses to … we found a messossin-machine in the woods?

  1. Mummy says:

    Thomas remembers this occasion, but he didn’t remember having called it a messossing machine. He was thrilled to find it, and it wasn’t in anywhere as good a condition as the one pictured above. I think we had a discussion at the time as to why anyone would lug a dead washing machine all the way up the bridle way to to woods.

  2. Daddy says:

    And actually Mummy, I wonder if Thomas remembers that those potatoes looked beautiful once washed but were in reality extremely metallic-tasting … oh dear!

  3. Mummy says:

    I don’t remember that…

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