… we pretended we were going to put Diddy in the pot?


Just after you were born, Mummy needed to have a good rest after an exhausting night and the doctors wanted to take you to do some tests.  So, I took the chance to go out to Mothercare to buy you a present and some babygrows (in the rush we’d forgotten to take any to the hospital!)

At the Mothercare shop I remember the assistants guessing my son had just been born by the look on my face!  I was so excited.  Anyway, I chose a toy rabbit exactly like the one in the photo, although Mummy and I later decided it looked more like a dog.

You loved that dog, and it went with you everywhere.  The only trouble was, you couldn’t say the word ‘dog’ properly- you used to say ‘diddy’… so Diddy he became!  He was your favourite in your ‘Friends Box’.

One day, you told me that Diddy had been naughty, so I joked that we would have to put him in the pot and make Diddy Stew. 

“Noooo, Daddy!!,” you laughed.

“Yes, I’m going to make Diddy on toast,” Mummy joined in.

“Diddy burgers,” I suggested. 

“Diddy trifle,” Mummy said.

 To each idea that Mummy and Daddy had for what we should do with naughty Diddy, you were giggling and saying, “no, don’t do that!!”

I’ll never forget what happened next.  Your face suddenly turned, from laughing and giggling along with us to a sorry frown.  You burst into tears, and begged me, with such a serious expression, “please Daddy, don’t cook and eat my Diddy!” 

Mummy and Daddy felt so guilty for teasing you, but we thought you were taking the joke well and understood that it was just a bit of fun!

It was all ok in the end though- once I’d given you an ice-cream, it was all forgotten and Diddy was safely back in the Friends Box!

I’m sure you still have him somewhere, even though he’s been through the washing machine many, many times since; I wonder whether you remember all this!!?  I hope so!

Love,  Daddy.

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