… you used to come out in the truck with me?

I’m sure you’ll remember this!

When you were little you used to often come out with me in this truck, delivering and collecting diggers.  We used to talk about the road signs and you learned how traffic lights work.  “STOP Daddy,” you would shout, “the light’s on RED!”  Sometimes, sitting stationary at the lights, they would turn green and I would pretend not to notice until you said urgently, “Daddy, you can GO NOW!”  “Silly Daddy,” you would say! 

When we were loading or unloading, you used to love to walk up and down the long aluminium ramps onto the back of the truck.  Sometimes you would help me strap the machines on too!

Do you remember this truck?

You sometimes came out with me in this when it was new, as well, as did Katie!

Love Daddy.

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