Fun Games

1. The Princess’ Bedroom
Someone has made a real mess of the Princess’ room (I don’t know about your bedroom, Katie, but this one looks like Anais’ on most days!) 

Can you help the Princess put all her things back in the right place?
(drag with your mouse; click on the heart at the bottom left to see a suggested finished room.)


2.  Getting dressed

Hey Thomas, Harvey and Ruben; why should the girls have all the fun dressing up?  Can you help this suave fellow choose something suitable to wear?

(drag the clothes, wigs, glasses, etc. with your mouse.)

<<–  This is my effort. Action combat pants, shiny nylon windcheater, wild hair and a pocket chain. It’s a look which says, “I’m in control of my manbag.”  Do I win a prize?

Actually there’s a challenge there: I’ll send a Kinder egg to any small person who can dress the man more stylishly than Daddy / Uncle Martin.  You too, girls!

(Print it off and send it to me, or ask a grown-up how to do a screen grab.)

3. The Robot Maze

Guide the robot to the exit door. Don’t forget to find the key first!


4.  Balloon Bursting Game

Burst the balloons by moving the pin from left to right.  How many can you pop?

5. Bubble Shooter

Click to fire; match three or more coloured balls to score!

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