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Ok, this page is more for the adults than for Thomas and Katie … although I suspect that Thomas knows more than me anyway and could do it with his eyes shut!

I’m aiming to make it easy for family to upload videos to the site for incorporating into posts.  Sorry if this is a Granny/Eggs scenario.

I’ve created a dedicated YouTube account which everyone is welcome to use:




1. Go to www.youtube.com and sign in with the supplied name and password.

2. You should see a screen like this one:

3.  Press the ‘Upload’ button highlighted in yellow above.  You will now be asked to specify where the video file is on your computer, camera or memory stick (if it’s on cinefilm we’ve got problems).

4.  Once you have found your local file you should see a screen like this one:


Make sure you set the privacy settings as I’ve shown (Unlisted); if you set it to Private then only you will be able to see it on the site (ask me how I know!), and if you set it to Public then everyone will be able to search for it on the public YouTube site and I’ll have those comedy men from Nigeria emailing me.  You have been warned!

5. Copy the URL address as highlighted above, either by CTRL+C or with pen and paper.

6. Save the screen and wait for YouTube to tell you your video is live (green box at the top).

7. Now go to thomaswainwright.com and login.  From the Dashboard select which Post you want your video to appear in, and put you cursor within the content at the correct place.

8.  Enter the URL you’ve written down, or CTRL+V it in.  YOU MUST NOW ADD A LETTER ‘V’ AFTER THE http BIT.  If you do not it will not work!

9. If the Editor tries to convert your code to a link you MUST switch to HTML mode as highlighted above and reduce the code to the raw address (with that all important httpv).  If you leave it as a clickable link, again, your video will not play.  Your URL should look like my example above.

10.  Save changes and Bob’s your uncle (as indeed he is).

Note: you can also insert a public YouTube clip by the same method of copying the URL from your browser and starting at Step 7 above- see my Paul Simon song in this story for an example.

Any questions see me after school!


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