… write a Post and upload photos


Ok, so here are simple instructions for writing a Post and adding photos or pictures.

1.  Enter the ‘Dashboard’ area of the site- this is where the content is controlled- by entering www.thomaswainwright.com/wp-admin in your browser bar and logging in with your username and password.

2.  Once in the Dashboard, look down the left hand side and press ‘Posts’ and then ‘Add New.’

3.  Look for the Upload/Insert bar and press the button on the left as shown.

4.  On the pop-up Image screen, press ‘Select Files.’

5.  Choose a picture to upload from your computer. Note that, a) if your image is too large (>2mB) you will get an error message and will have resize in an editor first; b) You can select multiple images to upload at once by CTRL+selecting the files (there is no need to keep repeating this step); and c) any images over 600px wide will be cropped down to 600px and the reader will be able to see the original sized image in a separate window by clicking.

6.  Select the size you want to display it at, the alignment and then press ‘Insert into Post.’

7.  Add any text that you want to include in the Post, and check the picture is in the correct place.  Now you can either press ‘Preview’ to see how it will look on the site; or ‘Publish’ to make it live immediately.

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