Meet your family!

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This is your …

1. Auntie Debbie; 2. First Cousin Harvey; 3. Second Cousin Paul; 4. Paul’s wife Emily; 5. Amanda’s partner Dave; 6. Second Cousin Amanda; 7. Grandad; 8. Neil’s partner Sarah; 9. Great Auntie Sheila; 10. Daddy; 11. Second Cousin Neil; 12. First Cousin Ruben; 13.  Second Cousin Joanne; 14. Joanne’s husband Francis; 15. Second Cousin Once Removed Madeleine; 16. Second Cousin Heather; 17. Nana; 18. Heather’s partner Tim; 19. Great Uncle Brian; 20. Great Auntie Christine; 21. Great Uncle Bob; 22. First Cousin Anais

… phew!


About this photograph

We were at a wedding and I arranged a special photograph for you because everyone wished you had been there with us, and we wanted to show how much we miss you.  I had the banner made by a friend of mine- I hope you like it!

Look for baby Madeleine, who you’ve never met, and your cousin Ruben, who you only knew for a few weeks just after he was born.

Your Uncle Neil isn’t in the picture because he took the photo!

Here are some more photos of that day:-






Nana and Grandad with Harvey and Anais

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