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This page is for family members to send you messages and comments – Daddy.

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  1. Nana says:

    Little Tommy Tittlemouse
    Hello Thomas,
    We can hardly believe it’s seven years since you came into our lives.
    You were our first-born grandchild; we were so excited to finally hold you in our arms that we thought our hearts would burst with love and joy. Your Daddy was THE proudest man alive!

    You looked so cute and tiny that your Grandad and I decided to call you “Little Tommy Tittlemouse”!

    When you were about ten weeks old your cousin Harvey was born. We all went up to the hospital to see Aunty Debbie and the new baby. Your Mummy and Daddy had gone into the room while I waited outside cuddling you. The nurse came out and said”Oh, now you’ve got TWO lovely grandsons – ideal playmates!” I replied “Yes, it’s rather like the buses – you wait for ages, then two come along together!” So we had a laugh about that!

    Love, Nana

  2. Auntie Christine and Uncle Bob says:

    Hello Thomas and Katie,
    What a lovely web site your Daddy has made for you!
    Now you can look at all the family photos, and read all the little stories about yourselves. Some are really funny!
    Everybody here misses you lots, especially Nana and Grandad and your little cousins, but most of all Daddy…. He thinks about you all the time, and he is always telling us how very special and loved you are. It would make Daddy so very happy to see you both again.
    Meanwhile we hope you are having lots of FUN.

    Lots of love,
    Auntie Christine and Uncle Bob

  3. Martin Wainwright says:

    Dear Christine and Bob,

    Thank you for your kind words, and for everything you’ve done for me over the past three years.

    Thomas and Katie would have loved to have been at Paul’s wedding and to have had the chance to meet baby Madeleine … I’m sure they would have enjoyed the day just as much as we all did!

    Love, Martin.

  4. Cousin Heather says:

    Hi Thomas and Katie,

    You were both probably too little to remember me very well, but I am your Daddy’s cousin Heather. I just wanted to send you both a big “hello”, and to say that I have really enjoyed looking at the website your Daddy has made for you both. What a special way for him, and all of your family, to look back at happy times together, and leave their messages. I particularly liked looking at all the photos of you growing up; they remind me of the times I had growing up with my two brothers, Paul and Neil.

    It has been such a long time since I have seen you both, but I think about you a lot, and wonder what you are up to.

    I don’t live near your Daddy anymore, but when I do see him we always have a lovely chat about you both, and I know he misses you very much.

    I hope you are both enjoying being back at school.

    Lots of love,
    Heather xx

  5. Auntie Debbie, Uncle Neil, Cousins Harvey, Anais and Ruben says:

    Hello Thomas and Katie!
    We just wanted to say how much we miss you, especially Harvey and Anais who are always talking about all the happy times you had together and would love to still be best friends with you!

    Thomas, do you remember when we went to Sundowns for Katies birthday and had lots of fun playing games on the grass? We think the sack race was your favourite! We have a video of that and enjoyed watching it the other day!

    Harvey and Anais love school and hope you are having fun too. They also love playing in our new big garden, it will be really good for the treasure hunts we used to do for you! Your Daddy has been helping us in the garden with his big digger!

    Hope you are both enjoying yourselves wherever you are, hoping to see you very soon!
    Lots of love,
    Auntie Debbie, Uncle Neil, Harvey, Anais and Ruben XXXXXX

  6. Harvey says:

    Hello Thomas,
    Do you like football? I’ve got a Chelsea football kit and we can play football in our garden!
    I miss you!
    Love Harvey

  7. Martin Wainwright says:

    Thomas, I’ve seen Harvey’s football kit and it’s very smart; sort of black with orange writing on it. Harvey’s good at football too- he tires me out! Anais- you know that jacket we looked at on Saturday in the shop with the people who were tied up? (!) Well, I went back and bought it- I’ll show it to you sometime! Are you going to come swimming with me this weekend!?? Uncle Martin / Daddy.

  8. Nana and Grandad says:

    Dear Thomas and Katie,

    Your Auntie Debbie has mentioned “Sundown”. This is an amusement park especially for young children, full of lovely rides and attractions, with models of things and people from nursery rhymes. Thomas, you and Harvey loved the enormous grumpy dragon, which spoke when you touched the treasure it was guarding!

    The day we went there with you and your Daddy (there were ten of us altogether) is one of our favourite memories of time we spent with you both. We had a lovely picnic there on the grass with a big cake(Katie’s favourite!), and then Daddy and Uncle Neil organised some games. We were all laughing so much as we watched you and your cousins really enjoying yourselves!

    It must have certainly stuck in your memory, Katie, although you were only two at the time. Some months later you went back to Sundown with your playgroup and we were told that when you got there you exclaimed “I came here with MY DADDY!”

    Lots of love to you both,as always, from Nana and Grandad

  9. Martin Wainwright says:

    Oh and Anais: well done for telling your teacher off about spelling ‘occasionally’ wrong! It made me laugh!!

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